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Sew there you are!

I'm glad you found your way to our website and now that your here.....take a look around. Take your time. While your looking think on the recent trend to throw away clothes that are worn, damaged, soiled, or just don't quite fit the way you thought they would. Over the years the cost of clothing has gotten less expensive while the cost of a tailoring has gotten out of hand. Our goal here is to offer our customers the option to maintain a wardrobe by spending significantly less money by tailoring their clothes rather than discarding and replacing them.

How do we accomplish this feat ? By offering full service tailoring at fair and reasonable prices. By keeping our overhead to a minimum and utilizing a very talented and experienced tailor we are able to significantly reduce our cost of doing business. This cost savings is being past directly to our customers in the form of reduced pricing. Quality is never sacrificed and turn around time is minimal. This sounds like a formula for success...

Jason Graves

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Molly Tilley
Molly Tilley
Dec 26, 2023

Magnificent Darling 🤌🫶👏Chao!

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